Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hexagons and respiration

It's been a while since I got the hexagons out, and yesterday's lesson with year 12 where they were revising respiration seemed the perfect time.

They spent the first five minutes of the lesson brainstorming the twenty key words we'd been trying to use since we started this topic (we've done wordsearches, crosswords, bingo, taboo cards...) and used them as a basis for the hexagons.  Once they got started they found it easy to make the links - respiration was a good topic as the process breaks down into step-by-steps anyway.  It also helps that they've used these a few times now, some of them in their AS Chemistry lessons, and they've got the hang of how they work.  They were able to discuss with each other why words went where they were put and in some cases argue for and against something being included or moved.  I'd probably encourage groups to do more colour-coding in the future - perhaps getting the correct number of ATPs in one colour to highlight them, the same for the carbon dioxides.

The final twenty minutes of the lesson were used getting the pupils to write 100 word summaries of respiration, again using as many of the key words as they could.  This allowed them to identify the stages they were really confident in as well as the stages they still struggled with.  It also forced them to be concise and to make sure they really wanted to use a word before committing to it.  They swapped summaries with each other and did a spot of "Pimp my Answer", adding to someone else's work and praising each other when they saw good ideas.


  1. I love the hexagons. They're new to me since last week, but they're going to become a staple!

    Do you have laminated blank ones that you board marker on?

  2. I can't wait to try this idea!

    Love the blog by the way, some inspiring ideas here.