Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Where am I now?

Recently someone on twitter was compiling a list of teaching blogs that had been updated in the last six months - it reminded me that mine hadn't been. So, where am I now?

My resolution at the start of the year working, up to a point.  I happily zumba'd and WI'd and still managed to stay on top of my marking and planning.  I had a couple of job interviews but they weren't a good fit for me. I also suspect that being publicly honest, all be it via this blog, about wanting a work-life balance was putting some schools off.  I suspect that says more about them, and the state teaching is in, than about me.

I've had a set back with my health but I am determined to overcome it. After some time at home I was relieved to discover that I can still teach. Well.  I just need to pace myself and make sure I don't go racing around the lab anymore than I need to.  There's a lightness that comes with realising that teaching isn't everything I am - I'd love to work at a school where that is appreciated and celebrated.  More balanced staff, more relaxed staff, surely means better teaching and more care for the children.

I do wander what I would do if I wasn't teaching. What's my plan B (other than winning the Euromillions)?  I enjoy the intellectual challenge and I love spending time with young people.  

As much as I can I am building up my examiner skills - I have marked the iGCSE Alternative to Practical paper for a few years, and I've now got some experience with iGCSE Further Science (that made my unused chemistry brain hurt a bit!). Doing this, and perhaps getting into question writing and paper checking, is an alternative to teaching full time.

I know I'd miss the contact with the kids, so I've recently been looking into volunteering with the Girl Guides.  I went through the whole system as a kid, it's about time, as much as I can, for me to give something back.

I'm not really sure where I am right now, or where I'm going.  If a great opportunity came along, that fitted with what I now know, then maybe I'd take it.  Until then I'm living each day as it comes.


  1. Oh Great! Seems interesting to see this blog here. I love to know about teaching as I am a junior teacher as well. I think my life can never be more interesting than teaching life. It was great to read about you. Thanks!

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